01. A solid belief in social justice [underlies] this party's entire political philosophy.
02. You'll need to find the [underlying] cause of the problem before you can hope to find any solution.
03. A doctor's [underlying] belief system will affect the way he treats his patients.
04. The [underlying] principle behind the government's determination to cut social services seems to be the belief that the poor are personally responsible for their situation, and therefore deserve to suffer.
05. I have certain [underlying] principles that guide my decisions.
06. Recent research suggests that environment is the major factor [underlying] the increase in cancers in our society.
07. The sand and swampy land [underlying] the Empress hotel make it very vulnerable in the event of an earthquake.
08. Police have yet to determine the [underlying] motive in the attack on a local businessman.
09. Very strong religious beliefs [underlie] the President's entire foreign policy strategy.
10. Cultural insiders are often unconscious of the [underlying] meanings of their own cultural categories.
11. Aggression and macho attitudes [underlie] a lot of the violence in the sport.
12. Bourke Cockran once suggested that [underlying] the whole scheme of civilization is the confidence men have in each other, confidence in their integrity, confidence in their honesty, confidence in their future.
13. Thomas Hardy once wrote that the business of the poet and novelist is to show the sorriness [underlying] the grandest things, and the grandeur [underlying] the sorriest things.
14. Woodrow Wilson once remarked that business [underlies] everything in our national life, including our spiritual life.
15. The ancient Greeks believed that mathematical laws [underlay] the systems of both musical intervals and heavenly bodies.

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